YE2 High efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor (iron)

YE2 series of three-phase asynchronous motor in line with GB 18613-2012 "small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motor energy efficiency rating and energy efficiency rating" in the three-level efficiency standards. At the same time, in line with the latest national STANDARD JB / T11707-2013 industry standards and IE2 IEC60034-30-2008 energy efficiency standards.

Its efficiency to improve the design, in line with the state of the manufacturing industry put forward the requirements of energy saving.

YE2 series motor installation size in line with IEC60034 standard. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, high efficiency, low noise, protection grade and high insulation grade. It can be widely used in various general machinery and equipment such as fan, water pump, machine tool and compressor transportation machinery. It can also be used in petroleum, Steel, mining and other places more harsh places to use.

Site conditions: YE2 series motor can be applied to most occasions and the environment. Motor standard working conditions for the -20 ℃ to +40 ℃, 1000 meters above sea level.

Temperature rise and insulation: the motor by F-class insulation design (155 ℃), according to B-class insulation assessment (80K), the motor life and reliability are guaranteed.

Cooling and Ventilation: Standard cooling is fully enclosed from fan cooling (TEFC). The standard motor is equipped with a submerged plastic fan. In line with IEC60034-6 IC411 requirements.

Protection class: motor protection class IP55, can be used for dust or humid environment. Can also provide a higher degree of protection according to customer requirements of the motor.

Motor protection: according to the requirements of the installation of PTC, PT100 and other winding and bearing temperature and protection devices.

Voltage, frequency: standard motor 380V / 50HZ. Can design 200-660V range of arbitrary voltage 50HZ motor. In the supply voltage deviation of rated voltage ± 5% of the case, can still run well.

Vibration: YE2 series motor in the no-load vibration speed level in line with A-level. Special requirements, can provide Class B motor.

Junction Box Location: The terminal box is on the top or right side of the base for the standard YE2 series motors.

Quality assurance: from product design to product factory, follow the ISO9001 quality certification system, strict compliance with quality procedures.